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Online pet magazine.

Almost everything you need to know about pet care.

Petmag supports Guide Dogs for the Blind


Welcome to, the online magazine full of information and facts on a wide range of domestic pets.More ...

Remember Summer is coming. Most domestic pets do not like to get overheated. Keep your pets cool. Do not leave dogs in hot cars - hot cars become coffins.


Loving Homes Wanted - The Unfortunate Plight of Britain’s Unwanted Black Cats - By Alison V King


The Dog Safety Education Executive (DogSEE) Article - Dogs In England To Be Microchipped From 2016

DogSEE - Keeping You Safe Around Dogs..

Two NEW Chuckit Ultra Ball ProductsTwo NEW Chuckit Ultra Ball Products - The popular Chuckit Ultra Ball is now available in 2 new forms.

Ultra Tug Medium and Ultra Duo Tug Medium have been added to the Chuckit range

Pooch PacksDog Lovers Benefit from NEW Pooch Pack Service

A new monthly subscription service for dog lovers has been launched by Pooch Pack

NEW Handmade, Gluten Free Treats by Alpha & Ruby’s Dog Bakery

Alpha & Ruby’s Dog Bakery is a new company baking its own unique gluten free dog treats by hand in Oxfordshire.

Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards 2012

The Sunday Express And The Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards Are In Search Of Britains's Best Rescue Pet

Online retailer Today announced the New Issue of 'The Garden Bird Feeding Guide'. See press release here

My Pet Stop-Healthy DogThanks to My Pet Stop for this article relating to whether or not you should groom your dog yourself or get a professional dog groomer to do it for you.

Read article here...


Barkitty pet boutiqueBarkitty is a brand new pet boutique in Northamptonshire.

A large proportion of goods sold are made in Britain, and are tried and tested on family pets. Read more about this lovely boutique. More ...

pet graveWhere Shall We Bury The Dog?

A beautifully written article by Phillipa Hawkins. Do read this, you will be moved. Read on...

Kate Perry appeal against animal cruelty. Please see her story here, and go to the Government petition site and sign her petition. Petmag supports this petition -

The Dogstar Foundation, improving community health for animals and people in Sri Lanka. The Dogstar Foundation is based in Randeniya Sri Lanka providing free veterinary care to the street animals that would otherwise be left untreated. Full story

Picture of the month


Deano curtesy of Fran - He loves cardboard boxes, cosy beds and baked beans

.... Introduction continued

Our pets provide us with many hours of pleasure, and it is important that we understand their needs and be able to look after them to ensure they have a long and healthy life span. Petmag provides you with information on the history (where available) of your pet, how to house it, feed it and care for it. Click on the links above and find out what you need to know about your pet.

Check out how to choose a suitable pet for your domestic situation. Do you have room for your pet? A large dog in a small flat is not suitable.  Is someone at home? Sociable pets need company.  How does your pet get exercise? Lots of questions which all have to be answered before making your choice.  Petmag provides information to help you make this choice.

Also we have tried to provide you with a list of associations and breeders.  Any information not found on this site could, I am sure, be obtained from any of these sources.

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Miniature Horses

Miniature (Micro) Pigs

One of the largest online pet store's in the UK. We offer thousands of products at some of the lowest prices around.

Wild Bird Food and Supplies

Jasmin Dungey - Vet

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Amanda Mcwhinney submitted this cute picture of one of her children's Chinese Dwarf Hamsters - Is it Tom or Jerry?

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