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Petition appeal against animal cruelty by Kate Perry

My name is Kate Perry, I am 24 years old and own 2 very giddy spaniels. From owning my own pets it has highlighted a passion I have for animals and how strongly I feel against animal cruelty.

The latest animal cruelty case I happened to stumble across was in my local newspaper. It was about a pet dog named Scooby who's owner's stabbed him to death having returned home drunk one night. The punishment, if you can call it that, was a 6 month bind and £60.00 court costs. This isn’t going to bring Scooby back and take away the pain he suffered.

I have created a petition, on the Government petition site, to speak up for the ones who can’t when all they do wrong is trust the wrong people. I have taken a different approach with this petition instead of asking for jail terms and it getting knocked back because the prisons are ful,l I have asked for a life ban from owning a pet, regular home visits to be kept up to date to ensure no pet is kept and a register of abusers to be made public to all vets, kennels and breeders.

I would please ask you to follow the link below and sign this petition and do your bit to help put a stop to any more animal cruelty. Your help will be much appreciated. Sign now, thank you.

Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Information about the Act - How does the Act affect me?

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