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Aquaria - Fish Feeding - Fish Food

A good flake food and a small container of blood worms make an excellent combination. Blood worms are loved by fish and are good for their colour. They are not a true worm or full of blood! They are a red insect larva that only prevails in very clean water. Marine fish should be fed a suitable marine mixture.

Fish are cold-blooded creatures; consequently they need less food than us gramme per gramme. Feed your fish no more than they can eat in 2 minutes. It's best to feed them only once or twice per day. It doesn't hurt them to miss a day. If you go away on holiday you can leave them for a week to ten days without any food. Never use 'vacation tablets'. These will pollute the water in your tank. If you're unable to feed your fish for over a week, get a friend to do it while you're away.

Mix the food into the water with your finger (unless you are keeping Piranhas!) making sure that most if not all the food goes underwater-don't just drop it on top and leave it floating there. Many fish are not adapted to feeding from the surface.

Most fish are omnivorous, but some are strictly herbivores and others are predominantly carnivores. Some aquarium creatures will need live or special foods. For example, catfish like a sinking type of pelleted food to sniff out. You should feed all your fish appropriately. A good pet shop will be able to give advice on feeding matters.

Here you'll find a wide variety of aquarium fish food from all your favorite brands, for example JBL, Sera, and Tetra. No one has to go hungry here!

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