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Aquaria - Tropical aquarium fish

You may be thinking about setting up your first tropical fish aquarium. Tropical fish species can only be kept in a heated aquarium. With the right advice and research we can recommend a tropical aquarium for beginners. Whilst these fish are probably more expensive and less easy to care for than many coldwater fish species, they are probably more varied and interesting.

Flying foxWhen selecting fish for your first tropical aquarium, remember it is far better to under stock your aquarium. There was an old rule of thumb of one inch of fish per gallon. But with modern aeration pumps and good water management 1cm per 1.5litre is achievable. It is most important that the tropical fish that you select are compatible. Some species do better coupled with others of their own scientific family or even from the same part of the world. Be sure to ask at your fish stockist for advice and determine the chosen fish's requirements before you buy.

Angel fishWhen buying the accessories for your tank, you will need to include a thermostatically controlled water heater in your tropical tank and you will need to ensure water quality is good have a reasonable filtration system and air pump. As tropical fish require less oxygen than cold water species, you must also allow a fairly high water volume to fish ratio say 1cm fish per 1.5litre to 2litre depending on the water surface area. (The deeper the tank the less fish per litre).

Guppies are by far the most popular, and easiest tropical species, for beginners. You're probably already familiar with the common guppy, a live bearing member of the Poeciliidae family.

There are literally hundreds of varieties of Tropical freshwater fish. See the links above for more information.

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Tropical aquarium plant - Java Moss

Java Moss

Water Condition - Water is the life element for your fish and plants. Brands such as, Easy-life, Sera, Tetra, or Easy-Life can be found here.That's why it's important to choose the right water care products. Here you'll find a wide selection of products to help you create the right water conditions. You'll also find great products for your aquatic plants.

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Brands such as, Easy-life, Sera, Tetra, or Easy-Life can be found here.

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