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Aquaria - Tropical Aquarium plants

Amazon Sword - Echinodorus paniculatus AKA Broad-leaf.

This is one of the trickier plants to keep. In some respects it is a fairly normal aquarium plant but it does require a heavy, rich substrate. Propagate by taking growing stalks from the main head that have small plantlets developing on their ends. If these plantlets are weighted so that they are touching the substrate then they will root and grow into new plants. The lighting, water pH and hardness requirements are not critically important for this hardy plant. The Amazon sword will grow in pea gravel but will need an occasional root fertilizer tablet to avoid it turning a sickly yellowish green. With the right care and attention your Amazon sword can reach 40cm in height.

Giant Elodea or Pondweed - Egeria densa: This popular plant is often seen growing in abundance in ponds both in gardens and in parks and is suitable for any freshwater aquarium. The plant is often known as the oxygenating plant. It is the easiest aquarium plant to grow and is often grazed by goldfish. This plant prefers hard, slightly alkaline water although it is reasonably happy in any water conditions. The preferred water temperature for pondweed is above freezing and below boiling! You can almost see Egeria growing! It will reach the water surface quickly once it has become established. If not eaten by fish you will have to prune regularly.

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Water Condition - Water is the life element for your fish and plants. Brands such as, Easy-life, Sera, Tetra, or Easy-Life can be found here.That's why it's important to choose the right water care products. Here you'll find a wide selection of products to help you create the right water conditions. You'll also find great products for your aquatic plants.

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Brands such as, Easy-life, Sera, Tetra, or Easy-Life can be found here.

Green cabomba - Cabomba caroliniana and the closely related Pink cabomba C. furcata (photo). These popular tropical aquarium plants, with fine leaves, are both extremely attractive and easy to grow. Their preferred substrate is pea gravel. Both require strong light to thrive. The pH and water hardness are not important, however due to the fineness of the leaves there may be a problem with the fine leaves clogging up with debris if the water is not well filtered. The temperature should be 55F-77F but not critical. Propagation of the Cabombas is by taking 3 or more of the stems and remove the leaves from the last 5cm. Then using a lead plant weight padded with a strip of filter material to bind the stems together leaving about 2.5cm of stalk. Trim off any excess stem below the base and plant in the gravel covering the new weighted end. When the new plants reach the top of the aquarium you are ready to start again.

Twisted valis - Vallisneria tortifolia AKA Twisted vallisneria.

Twisted valis is one of many favoured aquarium plants. It is a shortish bushy plant and is suited to the foreground or middle of the tank than the taller plants. The Vallisnerias prefers plain pea gravel as a substrate. The propagation of this handy tropical aquarium plant is different from many other tropical aquarium plants. You cannot take cuttings; instead this plant will spread by itself through sending out runners from the root ball through the gravel. After a few centimetres the runner puts down roots and a new plant sprouts up through the gravel, several centimetres from the parent plant. Twisted valis requires strong light to thrive although the pH and hardness of the water are not at all critical. Temperature should be 59F-86F. The relative Straight vallisneria - Vallisneria spiralis is a taller plant with straight leaves suitable for the rear or sides of a large aquarium.

Water wisteria- Hygrophila difformis

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