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Animal Internet

Animal Internet is a new social networking site
open only to animals

Animal InternetAnimal Internet goes beyond other “pet” sites, which are centered around sharing pictures, and focuses on letting the animals share their opinions. It’s a place where dogs and cats discuss world events with fish, birds trade recipes with monkeys and polar bears share their New Year’s resolutions with horses.

One of the site’s main features are the humorous animatorials (editorials written by an animal.) Some recent ones have included a mouse thanking a drug company for curing his cancer, the first penguin to ever get a divorce explaining why (“I just couldn’t take her nagging...”), and an exclusive interview with the actual chicken who crossed the road.

Animal Internet's CaseyThe site is the brainchild of a golden retriever named Casey. When she’d bark at the mailman he’d spray her with mace. They obviously weren’t communicating. So Casey composed a letter explaining that her job was to protect the property and that her barking wasn’t personal. Long story short, the mailman and her are now friends. Casey realized that animals need a way to express their opinions and Animal Internet was born.

(For the record, Casey lives with Billiam Coronel, a multiple Emmy-winning writer of American TV and movies.)

Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Information about the Act - How does the Act affect me?

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