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Valentines Day Brits Demand Puppy Love

"Love me and my dog or you're dumped!" say Valentine Brits

New research shows pet owners likely to dump their partner for not getting on with their dogs

Kitten Insurance - Puppy Insurance

When Valentines Day approaches loved-up Brits traditionally prepare to spoil their nearest and dearest, and yet new research from has found many of us this year will be more concerned with pampering our pooches on February 14th.

The pet insurance provider found one in five (20 per cent) dog owners admit they would dump their partner for not getting on with their dog. Living up to their reputation as ‘man’s best friend’, the survey also revealed that men were more likely than women to give their partner the boot for failing to bond with their beloved canine.

Pet Dog InsuranceThe partners of dog owners were warned they may be the ones to find themselves in the dog house this Valentines Day, as 40 per cent of the 3,000 dog owners surveyed across the country claimed to share their bed with their pooch. Potential suitors in Glasgow were told to be most wary, with over half of pet owners in the city admitting to sharing a bed with their four legged friend. also found that pet owners are increasingly swooning over photos of their dogs, as more than half (55 per cent) of pet owners surveyed claimed to have a picture of their dog on their mobile phone screens or in their wallet. Over 60 per cent of women admit to carrying a photo of their dog with them, versus 44 per cent of men.

James Pickering, managing director of, said: “Valentines Day can be expensive, but our research suggests a romantic stroll with the dog may be a quicker route to a loved one’s heart than the traditional bunch of roses and restaurant meal.

“As a nation of devoted pet owners, it surprises me how few people are prepared to spend a few pounds a year on insurance. As families look to make cut backs to their outgoings, we would urge pet owners to think twice about cutting back on insurance as it could save them hundreds of pounds on mounting vets fees if their pet was to become ill.”

Petguard has been designed to add speed and simplicity to the pet insurance process by allowing pet owners to get an online quote in six simple steps, taking just 30 seconds. With eight cover options available, all policies offer quick treatment, with no need to consult Petguard first if an animal is referred for specialist treatment by a vet.


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