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Standing up to the pet food giants - by Angela Hooton

Free-range pet food - made by Almo Nature

As an animal-loving vegetarian with an environmental conscience, it has become more and more difficult to feed my cats with the "food" produced by the likes of W***kas, K***Kat etc. Not only does it look and smell disgusting, when I looked into what actually goes into it, including "stuff" from diseased and dying animals that are not fit for human consumption (see - I knew I had to find an alternative.

Almo Nature Dog and Cat FoodI decided to try out some free-range cat food (made by Almo Nature) which is a little more expensive but wow! is it worth it!! It is real meat, chicken breast, whole clams, ocean tuna... even as a vegetarian I sometimes find my mouth watering! My cats absolutely love it; for the first time even the fussy eater licks her bowl clean and feeding time is actually now a pleasure for me too.

I'm sure there are a lot of environmental- and animal welfare-conscious people out there who buy free-range eggs and organic veggies, but who don't realise there are much nicer alternatives to feed their pets whilst standing up to the
pet food giants who think its ok to slowly fatten and poison our pets with their horrible products.

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