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Birds - Cockatoos

Cockatoos originate from South America and Australasia. Cockatoos are the only naturally white or naturally pink parrot.

These birds live in flocks or family groups in the wild, so are very social creatures that would like company 24/7 or as near as possible. Lone cockatoo's have been known to become neurotic and self harm.

The Cockatoo or cacatua have many similarities to other companion birds. Cockatoos are the only member of the parrot family with crests. The crests help them express their thoughts and communicate with the rest of the flock and consequently with us as we replace their natural flock. They are affectionate, beautiful, intelligent birds but single minded birds, but not necessarily the best 'talkers' on the block! They are also energetic and quite acrobatic.

CockatooIf you are considering owning a Cockatoo then learn about their characteristics and how they differ from other parrots. If you have the time and love to give to a Cockatoo and are happy and willing to give a commitment to a life long responsibility, then you will be rewarded with a shower of love and fun. You can not 'punish' a Cockatoo as they have very long memories and you will reap what you sow with them (ouch!).

Cockatoos are a dusty bird so not really suitable for people with allergies.

Cockatoos do have a call akin to a very loud scream. Be sure that all members of your family and close neighbours are willing to put up with the twice a day screaming session of your Cockatoo. Nor are they considered a good bird to keep in a flat as their calling caries a long way. The calls may annoy neighbours in nearby flats.

Cockatoos naturally chew; this comes from their wild environment and is genetic so you won't be able to stop it! Just keep supplying fresh twigs and small branches to shred. If they run out of a wood supply they will start on the furniture! As their bite is generally stronger than say an African Grey they require robust cages, to prevent them destroying your investment!

It is recommended that your bird's wings are 'clipped' from an early age, to prevent any flying accidents or escapees. Cockatoos so love their owner that they will work for love rewards. It is essential that you greet your Cockatoo and handle it immediately that you return home, even if you have only been out shopping for a few minutes. The family bond of your Cockatoo to you is very strong.

There are three main colour groups for cockatoos; Black, Pink and White. Some of the species are listed below.

Black cockatoos:

  • Black Cockatoos
  • Gang Gang Cockatoos
  • Palm Cockatoos

Pink cockatoos:

  • Leadbeaters or Major Mitchell's
  • Moluccans or Salmon Crested,
  • Rose Breasted or Galahs

White cockatoos:

  • Bare Eyed or Corella,
  • Blue Eyed, Ducorps,
  • Goffins, Red Vented,
  • Slender Billed,
  • Sulphur Crested,
  • Umbrella or White Crested

As information and pictures are gathered then it will be linked to this page.


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