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Mini Encyclopedia For Chicken Keepers

Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care

Mini Encyclopedia For Chicken Keepers - Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & CareThe Mini Encyclopedia series from Interpet is continuing to expand with the addition of Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care, by Frances Bassom. The book provides valuable information for the increasing number of people interested in keeping poultry as pets, for their eggs, or for showing and breeding. It’s amazing how many kinds of chickens there are now and how different species vary in look, size and temperament. Many hobbyists have gaps in their knowledge of chickens and their welfare so good quality accessible information is welcomed. Poultry keeping is booming and Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care has all the components to be a top seller!

Although there is evidence that the ancient Celts kept cockerels as early as 150 A.D., Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care has a contemporary look and brings the subject right up to date. The book details traditional and modern poultry breeds and gives up-to-date care advice. More than 90 chicken species breed profiles can be found in the book complete with fascinating insights into each species history and temperament. This encyclopedia is packed with sensible advice and practical guidance for all aspiring poultry keepers.

Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care >is split into two main sections:

a. The first part covers practical subjects such as choosing the best breed of chicken, its housing, management and feeding, breeding, chicken behaviour, health care and showing. An interesting introduction explains the history behind the domestic breeds that are familiar to us today.

b. Part two of Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care contains profiles split into ‘Light Breeds’, ‘Heavy Breeds’, ‘True Bantams’ and ‘Game Birds’ sections. The book contains an abundance of top quality descriptive photographs of birds and everything needed to keep them fit and happy.

Author of Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care Frances Bassom, has been fascinated by poultry for many years with particular interest in rare breeds. Francis has developed a new variant of the Vorwerk Bantam and is currently endeavouring to preserve and promote a chocolate gene found in the Minorca Bantam. Frances Bassom was one of the earliest members of the Surrey Poultry Society of which she is currently chairman.

The Mini Encyclopedia series already includes:

    • Mini Encyclopedia of Koi,
    • Mini Encyclopedia of Tropical Aquarium,
    • Mini Encyclopedia of The Marine Aquarium,
    • Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Training & Behaviour
    • Mini Encyclopedia of Rabbit Breeds & Care.

The format of the series is a success for Interpet Publishing and more subjects will be added through 2009. The series is paperback in a chunky format measuring 185 x 157mm with 208-pages. Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care contains an amazing 500 photographs. The Mini Encyclopedia books contain an abundance of easy accessible information and facts making them good value for money at a suggested retail of just £9.99.


Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care

is available through specialist book suppliers along with many other titles on pet-related subjects from the same publisher. Call 01306 873814 or email for further information.












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