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Cats - House Cats - General

Some folk think cats are the purrrrr..fect pets

Cats - House Cats

Cats - House CatsCats feature such a lot in our lives, even if we do not own one. Commercially, they are used to sell such products as cars, cosmetics, household products both on television and in magazines and not just dog and cat magazines.

Some of the stars may be glamorous, luxuriously coated white Persians while others could be your cat or mine. Even if you do not own cats you can usually recognise and admire their gracefulness, whatever their colour or breed.

Cats - House CatsCat lovers usually own a house cat for it’s companionship as they are one of the most adaptable of pets. They are quite happy to be left alone while the household is at work, not requiring their owners to participate in their exercise and demanding “walkies” when you would rather just have a night at home.

Ginger at Shrewsbury CastleThe gentle nature and the light body weight of cats make them an easy to manage pet for the elderly and for families with young children. House cats spend the majority of each day sleeping, in short “cat-naps”, so the owner’s absence is not as distressing. All they ask is good food, care and a little love and attention. Of course, being true creatures of comfort, they will not object to the best place in front of the heater or snuggling up under the blankets on a cold night.

Cat ownership is a commitment for about 12 years (although many house cats live much longer)

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