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An Introduction on Cat Nutrition and Care

The Dietary Pros and Cons of Dry and Wet Cat Food

As a cat owner you will be aware of what wonderful, playful and sociable pets they make. Furthermore, cats have an average lifespan of between 12 and 15 years, so looking after one as a pet requires some commitment. Numerous veterinary visits will include vaccinations, spaying and neutering, worming, removing fleas and regular dental care. Even with pet insurance as back-up, cat care is not cheap. This is why it is in the interests of ever cat owner to feed their cat the best possible diet they can afford. Keeping your cat healthy from the inside will pay off in the long term.

Taurine - C2H7NO3S

When it comes to cat nutrition, in respect to both wet and dry cat food, the most important ingredient to look out for is taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid. Whereas most mammals can manufacture taurine form other amino acids, cats cannot. Because taurine is found exclusively in animal-based protein, cats need meat to fulfil their requirement of taurine. Sufficient taurine is Taurine C2H7NO3S - 3D Ballscrucial for cats in order to maintain normal heart muscle function, reproduction, digestion and vision. Cats need taurine to maintain normal health, without sufficient taurine your cat will be prone to blindness, heart disease and decreased reproductive performance and growth.

Taurine aside, there is also an ongoing discussion between cat owners as to whether dry or wet cat food is more natural or better for your cat's health. Dry food can often comprise corn, grain or potato. As cat's digestive systems have evolved to be carnivorous, it is suggested that this could be detrimental to your cat's health. However, dry cat food is supposed to be better for cat dental hygiene. Bear in mind wet cat food does not necessarily mean more meat. A cat eating either wet or dry food will still require regular dental check-ups.

Dry cat food is convenient for cat owners and can be left out for your cat without the `spoiling` problems associated with wet food.Dry cat food is convenient for cat owners and can be left out for your cat without the `spoiling` problems associated with wet food. For additional health benefits opt for premium brands of dry cat food such as Whiskas, Iams, Duchess, Hills and Red Mills. These protein rich brands are packed full of Taurine and essentials vitamins, minerals and natural oils.

Wet cat food, which is available in sachets or cans, is more similar to a cat`s natural carnivorous diet Wet cat food, which is available in sachets or cans, is more similar to a cat`s natural carnivorous diet and is offered from premium brands such as Whiskas, Felix, Iams, KiteKat and Sheba. Packed with the required oils, vitamins, minerals and Taurine, your cat is sure to love sinking its teeth into chunks of meat.

In conclusion, it would seem that both wet and dry food have their benefits and arguably a balanced diet of the two is best for cat and owner. Dog Food Offers - Cat Nutrition - Dry and Wet Cat FoodsIt is vital to ensure your cat maintains a healthy weight and has regular veterinary check ups. If in doubt about what to feed your cat, check with your local vet. Whichever cat food you choose, check online for vouchers and cat food offers.

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