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Cat Health - Cats - Worming

Cat Health - Your pet cat may look very healthy but on the inside they could be harbouring worms and you probably wouldn't be able to tell.

Good cat health starts with regular worming Parasitic round worms lay thousands of microscopic eggs daily which are invisible to the naked eye and affect your cat's health. The eggs are the first part of the life cycle of these worms and can be picked up by, and infect, other animals and humans.

Children are most susceptible to infection, picking up the eggs when they play outside in the park or garden. Should these eggs be ingested they can cause a variety of symptoms.

For purr-fect cat health start with worming your cat four times a year regardless, even if you don't see any signs of worms. There are many effective wormers on the market. It makes sense to keep your cat and children safe from worms. Clinical manifestations of toxocarosis species worms include a white blood cell problem (hypereosinophilia) and also a general weakness or lack of energy and strength (asthenia), abdominal pain or asthma. Larvae will be found most frequently in the liver and the lungs but can also cause serious damage to the sight by migrating into the retina (ocular larva migrans). The direct detection of larvae is not feasible in humans!

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