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Cat - Find your purr..fect cat

By using the cat selector here you can set the parameters that you decide are important and at what level.

The categories are:

whether the cat should be content to be confined indoors,
whether it should be good with children,
whether it should enjoy being part of the family,
should it be easy to train,
should it be 'talkative',
should it be affectionate,
should it enjoy being handled,
do you need it be a good traveller,
do you want it as a good companion,
do you need it to get along well with other cats,
do you need it to get along well with other pets,
are you or any of your family and friends likely to be allergic to,
do you want it to be lively,
it shouldn't require lots of grooming and,
it shouldn't shed lots of hair.

You just input your preferences and up come about five different breeds to choose from!

Please bear in mind thay you should always consider the rest of the family- and close friends - in your choice.

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