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Cats - Grooming

Cat Grooming - The younger your cat is when you begin grooming it, the more pleasant grooming will be for it. A cat that resists grooming may need sedation and shaving at the vets for matted fur; it is time well spent getting your cat to at least tolerate grooming. Start with short sessions. Stick to areas that it seems to enjoy first (often the top of the head and around the neck), and work your way outwards bit by bit.

Find the brush and routine that seems to work best with your cat. Short haired cats also benefit from grooming as they still shed hair. For thick or long fur pin-type dog brushes work well, followed with a metal comb. If you use a flea comb, you will also detect any fleas your cat may have. For silky long fur a soft bristle brush work well. And for short hair, try an all-rubber brush, often sold as kitten or puppy brushes.

Bathing your cat: You should not ordinarily need to bath a cat. Cats are normally very good about cleaning themselves, and for most cats, that's all the bathing they will ever need. However, if you feel your cat needs help - perhaps it is long haired - then do so.


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Fleas are a nuisance whatever your pet - Exner Petguard is the first and only ecological flea & tick repellent for pets that works without poison or chemicals. It is the earth-friendly and animal-friendly alternative that fights fleas, tickes, lice, mites, etc., and additionally nurtures skin and fur.

Exner Petguard is made completely from nontoxic finished products from foodstuff chemistry It clotts the coupled respiratory and food tracts of the parasites, but for the user and the pet, Exner Petguard is completely harmless. In order to prove this, the patent-holder and inventor drank Exner Petguard at the press conference introducing the product!

Before use, a veterinarian's diagnosis is recommended in order to determine appropriate treatment plan.

Intensively spray the entire animal or the afflicted areas (for prevention 1 x weekly). In case of a parasitic attack, scabies, or fungal diseases, a daily treatment one week long is recommended. Don't forget to treat cages, sleeping areas, and other commonly used areas at the same time!
Let it dry for appx. 20 min. It is not necessary to wash out! Can be combed out or brushed out when desired.
Use is completely safe for human and animal and can be repeated multiple times.

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Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Information about the Act - How does the Act affect me?

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