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Celebrities' Favourites - Celebrities' Favourite Pets

Compiled by Sheila Collins, author of the 'Truffles' Diaries' series, with a foreword by jockey Bob Champion MBE, Celebrities' Favourite Pets is published in aid of the Peoples' Dispensary for Sick Animals, the PDSA.

Published by Apex Publishing - ISBN 1-906358-68-0 - RRP £9.99

Described as a 'fun book‘ providing an insight into the relationship or thoughts of almost a hundred people in the public eye and their pet animals.

We found Celebrities' Favourite Pets to be a great coffee table book, to pick up and read the short personal contributions whenever there was a spare moment in the day. You'll probably be as surprised as us to find out which animals some celebrities choose to share their lives with. An example being Geoff Capes' Budgies!

It won't matter how old you are you'll recognise loads of celebraties from every public discipline: politics, sport, TV, fashion and more, giving a light hearted, sometimes poetic or poignant, look into the human connection to pet animals in Celebrities' Favourite Pets.

Well done Sheila Collins and Apex Publishing, and thank you PDSA for providing 'For pets in need of vets'.



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