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Chinchilla - Housing

Chinchilla Cages

Chinchilla cages should be clean and preferably with a wire bottom or solid tray bottom with wood shavings. The housing should be provided with a flat piece of pine wood for comfort on the wire bottom and to prevent excessive growth of front teeth. Certain types of wood are poisonous to chinchillas and should be avoided and these include cedar, cherry, eucalyptus, fir, plum, plywood and spruce. Shavings put into the chinchilla cages should be pine to reduce fur staining and should be changed weekly.

The housing should be in a room with good air circulation.  Temperatures should not fluctuate too much and should be no higher than 80 degrees and no lower than 60 degrees.

Depending on the air humidity, your chinchilla needs a dust bath in special ground lava rock, ideally every day, but at least two or three times a week. A dust bath helps prevent matting and aids in removal of dead loose fur.

Your chinchilla cages should always have clean drinking water available at all times. Water bottle and tube should be thoroughly washed with hot water between water changes. It is easiest to have two water bottles. While one is in use, the other can be washed. A dishwasher provides an easy way to clean water bottles; however, a small brush is still needed to clean the tube.

Feeders should be mounted on the side of your chinchilla cages to prevent contamination from soiled shavings.


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