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Dogs - Collars

Why should my dog have a collar?

It is a legal requirement that your dog has some form of identification on its person. The convenient way is obviously a collar with an engraved identification disc. The disc should have the dogs name and your contact telephone number.

When you are choosing a dog collar, measure the widest part of your dog’s neck and add 5cm. A well fitting collar should allow you to easily place two fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar. Remember to check the collar periodically for fit and look under it for hair loss or skin redness that might indicate a poor fit. Remember that puppies grow quickly and outgrow their collars; these will need adjusting or even replacing.

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Lightweight nylon collars are suitable for small dogs and puppies. A more durable braided nylon collar is better for larger dogs. Leather collars eventually soften with use, are comfortable and long lasting (unless chewed!) Choke chains or check chains should only be used as training tools under the owner’s supervision, not as day to day collars. It is important that these chains are fitted correctly – releasing the tension effectively when the ‘check’ is over.



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