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Dogs - House Training

If you are keeping your dog indoors you are inevitably going to need to house train it. This is going to be a stressful time for you and your dog, so try not to loose your temper when accidents happen. If you are bringing a dog into a household where all the adults are out for some or most of the day then we suggest that at least one of you takes at least a weeks holiday to get your new dog off to a good start with house training. The sooner your dog gets the message the better. Dont smack your pet after an accident as this will only confuse it. And please don't rub the dog 's nose in anything. (What is that all about?). We are sure that you managed to be toilet trained without your parents rubbing your nose in anything.

Disposable puppy training pads are a brilliant tool, helping to take the strain out of house training. The scent of the pad will attract your dog to wherever you have placed it. Once your dog has used the pad it is a good idea to reward the action with a treat. This will encourage repeat behaviour. Move the next pad nearer to the door by an inch or few inches, until the dog is going outdoors. If you can't afford training pads, the good old standby 'newspapers' as the next best thing. Place the newspapers on a large bin bag or sheet of plastic.

For male dogs a 'pee post' is a great tool too helping and encouraging your dog to use an outdoor area you choose. After you have placed the 'pee post', take the puppy to it first thing in the morning, last thing at night every three hours throughout the day.

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