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Dogs - Leads

Whenever your dog is out in public or near road traffic your dog should be on a lead. This is for your dog’s safety and that of other people. When you are training your dog or puppy, different length leads are useful training aides.

A dog will require a number of leads for different circumstances. A short lead, between 50cm and 60cm for use around traffic. A day lead around120cm and training lead around180cm long. Flexi, adjustable, leads are great for country walks as they allow you to set the length for any situation. Flexi leads should not be used on pavements or near roads. Another useful addition to the lead is a ‘tie out’ which can be a much longer lead or rope attached to a metal stake or screw type fixing that can be used in grass. This will prevent your dog running off during training sessions. A harness is better than a collar for smaller miniature and toy dogs. Harnesses are also useful for some training exercises with larger dogs. Larger stronger dogs may benefit from the use if a ‘halti’, a bit like a pony bridal, this gives greater control over strong, large dogs that are persistent in pulling excessively when using an ordinary collar. A travel harness will control and protect your dog when attached to a car seat belt! If your dog is around children or people who don’t like dogs it may be a consideration to use a dog muzzle. This will also prevent your dog biting another dog. Muzzles are also a consideration for your own, your dog groomers, or your vet’s protection when handling the dog under stressful conditions! You shouldn’t leave your dog unattended in a muzzle though.


Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Information about the Act - How does the Act affect me?

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