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Dogs - Obedience training

You will find that reward based training is the most effective method of training your dog, and with immediate rewards is generally the key to success. If rewards come too late this will confuse the dog. Your dog will associate the reward given with the latest behaviour - therefore if rewards are late the effectiveness will be lost, or at worst counter productive. An obedient, well trained dog will be a happier, settled dog and much more fun than a badly behaved unruly one.

Dog whisperer: A compasionate way to train your dog

The critical time to instil some training in your dog is at the puppy stage between the ages of ten and eighteen weeks. Basic training should start from day one - as soon as you get your puppy home. The good habits your dog learned early in its life will make it a happier dog in the long run. You will, however, still have to reinforce the training throughout your dog's life. Always have a small bag of puppy complete food in your pocket and be ready to give it immediately your dog has fulfilled a command.

Dogwise: The natural way to train your dogBegin training with 'Sit' and 'Heel' and when you are making progress with that progress by adding 'Come' and 'Down'. Use toys and chews and make everything seem like play. Make sure you control the 'game' by taking them away, throwing them or giving them back. At the end of the session take the object away. Train your dog to be sociable and self controlled at all times. Allow your dog to socialise with other animals and strangers at an early stage. This way many behavioural problems will be avoided.

The most important thing about training your dog is to make it fun for both you and your dog.

Stay Shep - Good boy!


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