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Dogs - Weight watching

Being overweight will make your dog more susceptible to other life threatening conditions like heart failure or diabetes, as well as placing an extra strain on their joints which can lead to osteoarthritis which will eventually have to be managed with expensive ongoing course of medication.

Weight gain can happen so slowly that you don't even notice it until you suddenly realise you have a very 'big' dog on your hands! The weight gain reversal process can take many months of continued effort. Remember regular daily exercise helps with weight control and it is a really cost effective method, especially through the long winter months, when you least feel like taking your dog for that daily walk or play in the park. The other option boils down to cutting out treats, titbits, feeding a less fattening food and reducing the meal portion size. Cumulatively these can be the best ways of weight reduction in dogs.

Set a reasonable, achievable, target weight for your dog. Be realistic how long the process will take. Don't expect a rapid reduction over night - it won't happen. If your dog only loses around 50g a week then it will take 10 weeks, (just over 2 months), to loose 500g, (that's about 1lb in old money). If you are looking to loose 3.5kg, (About 7lb), then it will take the best part of a year! This might be too slow for your vet but at least it is easily achievable for you and your dog.

Weight gain prevention has always been better, and easier, than the cure.

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