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Dogs - Roundworms and Tapeworms


Young dogs with an infestation of roundworm will develop pot bellies with a high possibility of sickness or diarrhoea. Your dog should be treated for roundworms every two weeks from three weeks of age to twelve weeks of age and then every four weeks from twelve weeks to six months of age. The roundworm is a big threat to young dogs, which can pick up the larval stage of the parasite from their mothers bloodstream through milk ducts causing them to become infected. Roundworm and ringworm are not to be confused, they are two different parasites.


Tapeworms are generally caught by a dog following the ingestion of raw animal flesh containing tapeworm cysts. The usual sources are birds, mice or other wild mammals. Of particular concern is the dog tapeworm that is found in sheep rearing areas of the country. The adult tapeworm lays eggs that, when eaten on contaminated grassland, develop into large cysts in sheep - this is known as hydatid disease. If a human ingested one of these eggs then a similar cyst can develop in the lungs or liver, requiring extensive surgery. The cyst can in extreme circumstances be fatal. There is plenty you can do to help eliminate the risk of tapeworms. Scoop the poop and dispose of it safely. Worm your dog four times a year. Keep control of your dog in the countryside. Don't let your dog eat grass or drink standing water outside. Always carry a bowl and fresh water with you on country walks.


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