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High Performance Cooling Coat Saves the Day

Easydri cooling coatEasidri’s new High Performance Cooling Coat has drawn exceptional reviews from the canine community, but the company were particularly touched by a call from Mary Delaney.
Mary and her husband were attending the Leeds Championship Show in late July with their two Bulldogs, a dog and a bitch. Her bitch travelled to the show as the ‘Not For Competition’ companion for her dog that was entered into the show.
"Both dogs were benched in the well ventilated, cool and airy marquee designated for Bulldogs during the show and had been constantly attended to throughout the day by my husband,” says Mary. “We are very aware of the effect that heat can have on Bulldogs and especially on that day since the judging of the Bulldog classes was moved from an outside ring to one under cover. Both dogs seemed perfectly happy and well throughout.


“At the end of the day, my husband went on ahead to collect the car and bring it to the gate to save the dogs from having to walk any further than necessary. However, as I walked my dogs slowly towards the gate, my bitch became distressed by the heat which had resulted from such an intensely warm day. I immediately moved both dogs out of the sun and under the shade of some bushes, poured iced water over my bitch and covered her with a towel which had previously been kept in the freezer overnight and transferred to a cool-box to bring to the show… it still had ice crystals on it, but it didn’t remedy the situation. I was becoming very distressed with the situation when Kevin (Duffy) appeared out of nowhere to help.”
Kevin works for Trilanco, the company who own the Easidri brand.
“Kevin put one of the Easidri Cooling Coats on my bitch and it brought her temperature down quickly which calmed her down and her breathing returned to normal. Not only that, he helped my other dog too, he wasn’t showing any heat related symptoms at al,l but Kevin just wanted to ensure his safety too.  To me he was like a super hero to whom I will be eternally grateful. Both dogs travelled home in their new coats and looked so relaxed and contented throughout the journey!”

“I saw Mary with her distressed dog, and I knew I had the product to help,” says Kevin.  “We’ve had so much success with the coat that I knew it would work and, as our whole business is about animals, you’ve got to help one out whenever you can, that’s exactly what I did.”
Mary had her dog checked out by the vet who said she was fine to travel home.  She recovered very quickly and was back to full fitness the day after.
For more information on the Easidri High Performance Cooling coat, visit the website or email


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