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Feature - Hungry Hugo

Dog Treats & Pet Accessories

Why Hungry Hugo?

Sometimes the obvious is right beneath your nose. One constantly hungry canine with a sensitive stomach, one corporate recruitment sales manager who was fed up with the rat race and wanted to spread her "creative and sense of humour wings" and one husband who was forever saying you should be your own boss!

Hungry Hugo Dog Treats and Pet Accessories

So was formed Hungry Hugo the canine home baked dog treat bakery with quirky doggy accessories such as dog collars, dog leads, dog beds, dog coats, dog jumpers, dog bowls and protective eyewear for dogs.

As Hugo was an inspiration, muse, role model and sleeping partner, he had to give his paw of approval at every step of the way. So whether creating the website, sourcing products, meeting suppliers, designing our corporate identity or even setting down the mission statement and values, Hugo was there every step of the way.

Hugo only seems to have one philosophy in life and that is to seize the moment and grasp every opportunity. That usually means an extra "woofing wonder" or a "slobbering kiss".

Sometimes the hardest thing as Mum or Dad to a canine is to make sure you don't over indulge your pooch. After all they too, like us, have weight issues and run the risk of obesity. That's why all the home baked dog treat products have been laboratory tested and have their "nutritional" breakdowns on the packaging. However, as with humans, sometimes it is important to indulge in a little pampering and possibly even something frivolous! So every item has been carefully chosen with that in mind. Whatever the mood or occasion there is something to suit all tastes, such as:

    • jumpers to make grandma proud
    • beautiful collars in a vast array of styles and colours
    • beds you'll want to share with Fido
    • quilts you'll both want to snuggle up in
    • dining ware in cool contemporary sleek styles

Over the next few months you will see the launch of Hungry Hugo's own brand of products known as "The Robbing Dog". Due to popular demand and a lot of hissing, clawing and general caterwauling there will also be a launch of a new range for felines that will definitely be the "cat's meow". So please keep an eye out for that.

As can be seen, Hugo has been an inspiration, and considering he was a rescue dog his owners have a lot to be proud of. If you want information on adoption visit the adoption section at Hungry Hugo and maybe bring some sunshine into your life.


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