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Feature -

Missing cat is a website for anybody in the world to add their lost cats, sightings of a cat that seems to be lost or to add a found cat. This is a completely free service.

The site includes areas to view all missing or found cats that have been added, view the most recent additions or to search the database. A profile of each cat including a picture is listed and lost posters can be created and printed off by you for your lost cat. They are currently in the process of making french and spanish translations of the website.

The reason the site was set up was because in the space of a week, two of their friends' cats had wondered off and gone missing. While looking for places to advertise the lost cats, in the hope people might see them, they found that the majority of the sites out there ask you to log in or give many personal details or even charge you. For these reasons they set up a completely free site where you give only the details you want people to see in order to contact you, or you choose to be contacted by them if somebody lets them know they have seen their cat.

Their main objective is to help anybody that has lost a cat to be reunited again, relying on people to add any cats they have found or seen wandering around their area. The site is still fairly new but its slowly growing.

Below is an example of the information provided.

missing cat

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