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The Flying Squirrel Dog Toy is back in the Park!

A new UK distributor is making the Flying Squirrel Toy for dogs is available in the Britain again. From the American company Canine Hardware, The Flying Squirrel Dog Toy has proven its popularity and is in demand.

The Flying Squirrel Dog ToyThe Flying Squirrel Dog Toy is available in three sizes, the Flying Squirrel toy is a [flying] squirrel-shaped throwing toy made from rugged nylon. It has glow in the dark paws, durable rubber feet and raised sides. The toy floats in water too so is great for your water loving canine pals!

To use your Flying Squirrel, you get hold of the dog toy by a 'paw' and throw it like a Frisbee flying disk. By giving the toy a good spin when throwing it creates visual excitement for owner and pet. The raised sides on this toy are an important feature making the Flying Squirrel easy to pick up [even off a flat concrete surface] by the dog and owner.

The Flying Squirrel Dog ToysThe small size Flying Squirrel Dog Toy measures just under 23cm square [9 x 9 inches], medium about 25cm square [10 x 10 inches] and large 28cm [11 x 11 inches]. Suggested UK retail prices are £6.99, £7.99 and £8.99. The Flying Squirrel Dog Toy is produced in blue and orange, and camouflage and orange (large size only).

Canine Hardware is known for producing quality, durable dog toys with an active / sporty feel. Canine Hardware were the producers of the first ball launcher called Chuckit! which now includes five variants to the theme? Canine Hardware design and manufacture pet and people-friendly products that dogs just love.

Other products in their range include the popular Treat Tote, Hydro Bowl and Travel Bed.

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