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Grooming your Dog by Peter Young

A new title Grooming Your Dog has just been launched by Interpet Publishing to teach owners how to keep their dog looking and feeling great. This modern well illustrated book is written by one of the most well known and respected groomers in the country. Author, Peter Young has been a professional groomer for many years. He is also a World Grooming Champion, competition judge and International stylist.


Grooming Your Dog is written with the needs of the average dog owner firmly in mind. The best grooming tools for each coat type are clearly shown. Newly commissioned step-by-step studio photographs explain how the right equipment is used correctly to produce a perfectly groomed dog. Tips from years of grooming both pet dogs and top show dogs are shared in the pages of this new book.


Even with periodical trips to a professional groomer, dogs need regular grooming at home making this book a valuable tool for all owners. Providing people with the knowledge and encouragement to carry out grooming procedures themselves is a vital part of responsible dog ownership. Also importantly, correct grooming procedures include essential health checks such as feeling for lumps and sore areas and checking eyes, ears and coat. Grooming also plays a part in cementing a loving bond between owner and dog.


PART ONE of Grooming Your Dog is an introduction covering care and information on skin and coat, diet allergies, parasites, matting, moulting and coat changes due to ageing and neutering. The photographic sequences in PART TWO are a big part of the way the sections on ‘Bathing’, ‘Drying’ and ‘Grooming’ are explained. Areas in the book deal with each coat type separately covering ‘Smooth and Short Coats’, ‘Combination Coats’, ‘Double Coats’, ‘Long Haired & Wool Coats’, ‘Wire Coats’ even ‘Hairless Breeds’ such as the Chinese Crested and Mexican Hairless.


In the ‘Bathing’ and ‘Drying’ sections of Grooming Your Dog, pictures in photographic sequences are numbered to correspond with written instructions on the same page. The book makes it clear which grooming tools and equipment should be used and how. Arrows are used over pictures to explain which way to brush. A diagram explains safe nail clipping and another gives the commonly used names for parts of the dog’s coat.


In the final part of the book, the author shares his valuable ‘Professional Parlour Tips’ helping people avoid, and deal with, common pit falls of home grooming. This section covers brush burn, clipper rash and minor nicks or cuts. A useful double page schedule recommends a routine to cover all aspects from bathing to teeth and worming. The schedule details how often each procedure should be carried out over a 12-month period to make an excellent reference for years to come.


Grooming Your Dog is a paperback 220mm x 165mm in size, with 4-colour cover and flaps. The book has an RRP of £9.99, 144 pages and 300 colour photographs. Author Peter Young is also an International renowned poodle breeder, handler and Crufts-accredited judge. He has made up around 20 champions in different breeds. Peter has also won three Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards in grooming two for International Groomer of the Year and one for Grooming Contestant Judge of the Year.


Interpet Publishing is the book specialist for the pet and aquatic industry supplying pet owners with professional information so they can enjoy their pet and keep it health and happy. Grooming Your Dog is available from specialist outlets, for sales enquiries, contact 01306 873814, email



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