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Latest Pet News - Pet News From Around The World

Latest Pet News Headlines

Professional dog grooming service - My Pet Stop have care centres located in Leeds, Washington and Manchester. 

Barkitty - A brand new Pet Boutique in the heart of rural Northamptonshire.

Where-shall-we-bury-the-dog.html - A moving article by Philippa Hawkins.
Kate Perry petition appeal agains animal cruelty. - Improving community health for animals and people in Sri Lanka. - launches their online shop for wild bird food.

Cockapoo Owners Club - New online cockapoo owners club set up by Shirley Fearnley and Sarah Webb.

Perfect Lawn at Crufts in Birmingham, Hall 4 stand 147a, March 2012.

Omlet - ‘Qute’ is a super-stylish pet home for hamsters, gerbils and mice, cleverly designed so that cleaning takes less than a minute.

Easidri Cooling Coat - Easidri’s new High Performance Cooling Coat has drawn exceptional reviews from the canine community.

James Arguile - Animal Portrait Artist -an animal portrait artist based in Brighton, England.

London Pet Show, sponsored by Vanish, takes place from 7 - 8 May at the National Hall, Olympia.

Clipsley Pets & Aquatics - family run pet shop, established since 1986.

Trixie Dog Pamper Range - A new collection of blue bath/pamper accessories is now available from Trixie.

What Westies Want: The aim of What Westies Want is to offer all sorts of items for your Pet that you and your pet could ever want and at the same time offer them at prices to suit the pockets of pet owners everywhere.

Alert4Pets is the first interactive service producing Lost Pet Posters instantly via a home PC.

New to the pet market is plant extract-based urine odour remover and neutraliser, “No More Odoursfor use on all pet mishaps.


Interpet launch new book - Doggy Problems Solved. The book brings a smile to readers’ faces as they learn about dog behaviour and training whilst also remembering just how embarrassing their dog is at times!

Celebrities' Favourites - Celebrities' Favourite Pets. Compiled by Sheila Collins, author of the 'Truffles' Diaries' series, with a foreword by jockey Bob Champion MBE, Celebrities' Favourite Pets is published in aid of the Peoples' Dispensary for Sick Animals, the PDSA. Click on the link to read more.

A new company Alert4Limited has taken a fresh approach to this difficult and stressful situation. Click on the link to read all about it.

Grooming your dog by Peter Young - A new title Grooming Your Dog has just been launched by Interpet Publishing to teach owners how to keep their dog looking and feeling great. This modern well illustrated book is written by one of the most well known and respected groomers in the country.


Vet Help Direct has been helping owners to decide if their pet needs veterinary attention since May 2006. The site covers dogs, cats, rabbits, birds (including poultry and birds of prey), reptiles, horses and donkeys. Birds and reptiles are increasingly popular pets, their care can be very complex and signs of early problems are easy to miss.

Owner Clare Whitby said, “I put Mango on Applaws Dry around six months ago, just as he was due to come into his full adult coat. The coat came though like silk and perfect for showing. . More information on TICA can be found at


Twenga launches Pets universe Giving pet lovers one place to search for thousands of practical and unusual products at the best possible price

The Kitten Pack just launched by Interpet Publishing offers a new style of presentation of top class information for kitten owners. This pack will join The Puppy Pack by Sara John also recently launched.

Totally new for dog owners is a range of targeted health supplements containing specific active ingredients within a carob choc. Carob is an edible bean used to make a product similar to chocolate but free from caffeine and theobromine so it is ideal for dogs. Dogs think they are enjoying a ‘real chocolate’, whilst owners are happy to know they are helping to keep their dog healthy in a totally safe way.

Could you and your pet do with shedding a few pounds?  Would you like some professional diet tips for you and your pet?  Or do you know somebody who might be up for a diet challenge? If so we need you for a new TV documentary.Contact Ruth on 0207 840 7263, or email for more details.

New Book - Keeping a pet tortoise - Keeping A Pet Tortoise explains how to set up home for a new tortoise and keep it in the best of health and much more....

New Book - Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds and Care - This book provides valuable information for the increasing number of people interested in keeping poultry as pets, for their eggs, or for showing and breeding.

Available now the DVD release of the first season of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan - See PDF HERE - Title: Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan - Release Date: 27 April 2009 - Cat No: DNC 1020 RRP: £29.99 -
Certificate: E Running Time: 844 mins

Animal Care Students from Warwickshire College's Moreton Morrell Centre and Learn About Sustainability on Farm Visit

Valentines Day Brits Demand Puppy Love - New research shows pet owners likely to dump their partner for not getting on with their dogs!

‘Pet Aware’ returns to Taunton garden centre - A garden centre in Somerset has from January 2009 decided to continue running its free ‘Pet Aware’ days throughout 2009 due to public demand.

Codes of Practice for Dogs, Cats and Equines - Wales is the first country in the UK to publish guidance on the welfare of dogs, cats and horses

The People and Dogs Society (PADS) - 2008  Amateur Pet Photographer Competition

Ardent Pets Saved Life of Seriously Injured Dog - Poppy's story

Serious Disease in Pet Lizards - Caused by new bacteria

Mutts Munchies - Pet treats and cakes.

Findafurry (Re-homing Small Animals) - Several years on and the site has just re-launched.

Denise Price, Dog Listener, to complete Trek Peru – The Machu Picchu Challenge 8-17 May 2009 in support of The Blue Cross

Animal Internet? - Yes - Animals Only Internet Website

CRISIS APPEAL FOR FIRE-STRUCK ANIMAL SANCTUARY ~ On 1st February 2008, The Alternative Animal Sanctuary experienced a devastating fire.....

New Pet Cremation Services from Animals at Home and Pet Cremation Services (PCS) ~ offers individual cremation and a respectful farewell...

Dog Almighty ~ We are by nature, dog lovers and let’s be honest, worriers...

Dog Food Business Wins Merseyside Entrepreneur of the Year 2008. ~ Lisa Horne of Healthy Paws Ltd has just been named Merseyside Entrepreneur of the Year 2008.

People And Dogs Society (PADS) - New style leaflets have Valentines Day launch to help puppy love to last a lifetime. - Debbie Waller, Hon Chairman of the People And Dogs Society (PADS), is offering all dog owners a chance to send for a free copy of the Society’s new look Code of Caring leaflets, which will be available from 14th February 2008.

New and Revolutionary Radio Frequency Identification RFID Controlled Cat Flap! - The programmable device allows cat owners to personalise the control of access for between one and eight cats!

Edible Doggy Christmas Cards, What Next? - A novel range of 'doggy Christmas cards' came on sale in 2007.

The Flying Squirrel Dog Toy is back in the Park! - A new UK distributor is making the Flying Squirrel dog toy available in the Britain again....


Breaking Bad Habits in Parrots - Fresh off the press is a ‘parrot bible’ titled, Breaking Bad Habits in Parrots, by Greg Glendell

National Greyhound regulator (NGRC) makes agreement with Dogs Trust charity - The national regulatory body for the greyhound industry, agreed an arrangement with the UK's largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust

‘Top Dog’ - Designed with Animals in Mind - A nationwide tour of this Contemporary Craft exhibition with a difference begins on Friday 16th November 2007

P.A.D.S. Halloween Dog Show - This dog show is to raise funds for the People And Dogs Society.

Ornamental Pheasants - Brighten up your day!

Information Wanted by Channel 4 TV
- For a documentary about pets with special needs for 'Cutting Edge'.

‘Top Dog’ - Designed with Animals in Mind - A nationwide tour of this Contemporary Craft exhibition with a difference begins on Friday 16th November 2007 until June 2009.

Denise Price, Dog Listener, to complete Trek Peru – The Machu Picchu Challenge 8-17 May 2009 in support of The Blue Cross.

Pethoven - Music for pets.


Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Information about the Act - How does the Act affect me?

Latest Pet News Headlines

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