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Mice - Food

Even though mice are tiny creatures they have enor-mouse appetites! Their big appetites can be satisfied by you providing a wide variety of interesting mouse food. Fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains and human food like bread and cheese etc.

Proper mouse nutrition will play a major part in your pet mouse's health. The majority of the mouse diet should consist of a high quality, balanced commercial mouse food, consisting of at least 20% protein. Never buy in bulk more than your pet(s) can eat in a month and always make sure of the sell by and use by date. The commercial food can be supplemented with various treats of really fresh (green) seeds and grains, well washed fresh fruit and vegetables.

The only liquid you should give your mouse is fresh clean tap water.

Vitamins: Mice practice the habit of coprophagy (eating their own poo) to recover vitamin B and other minerals essential to their well being. Mice can synthesize their own vitamin C from their regular diet. Mice eat around the clock on small doses. Mice will eat about 15g of food and drink about 15ml of water per day per each 100g of live weight.

Do not give your mouse any chocolate, as this contains a product similar to caffeine which is harmful to mice. Other sweets are too high in refined sugars so these should be avoided too.


Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Information about the Act - How does the Act affect me?

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