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Pet Leaflets - People And Dogs Society (PADS) - New style leaflets have Valentines Day launch to help puppy love to last a lifetime.

Debbie Waller, Hon Chairman of the People And Dogs Society (PADS), is offering all dog owners a chance to send for a free copy of the Society’s new look Code of Caring leaflets, which will be available from 14th February 2008.

PADS is a registered charity which helps dogs by supporting and advising their owners. The PADS Code of Caring covers all aspects of dog ownership from whether you can offer a suitable home to a dog and preparing a safe environment for a new puppy, to caring for an older dog. PADS also publishes a series of factsheets which look at specific problems dog owners might face – from settling your new puppy at night to dealing with common behavioural problems.

PADS first published their Code of Caring twenty years ago, and since then it has been used to offer practical and useful advice to thousands of dog owners. However, although the content has been kept up to date, the look of the leaflets has remained much the same.

“Following an update of our website,, last year, we decided it was time for the leaflets and factsheets to have a face lift too,” said Debbie Waller, Hon Chairman of PADS. “We chose Valentine’s Day to launch them because we know that spring is a popular time for people to begin thinking about buying or adopting a new dog for the family.”

“Asking for free copies of these leaflets would be a sensible first step towards that.”

Dog Leaflets

Before you get your puppy or dog
Your dog and children
Thinking about a rescue dog
Your puppy - the early years
Your puppy; his surroundings
Living with two dogs
Thinking about your older dog

Dog Fact Sheets

Games With Rules
Crating your dog
Separation Anxiety
Working with Dogs
School Projects About Dogs
Dogs That Run Away
Toilet Training your Puppy
Dogs that Dig
Settling Your Puppy at Night

The leaflets are already used by many individuals and organisations throughout the UK, finding their way into vets’ waiting rooms, breeders' puppy folders and training clubs' welcome packs.

PADS expects more clubs and organisations to use the leaflets now that they have been re-designed to appeal to modern dog owners.

Anyone wanting more information or copies of the leaflets and factsheets should contact PADS by


phoning: Debbie on 01977 678593

sending a sae: to PADS, 45B Ashgap Lane,
Normanton, WF6 2DT.

The leaflets are provided free of charge although PADS is a very small charity and appreciates some help with P&P if clubs or businesses want to order large numbers.

tel 01977 678593,


45B Ashgap Lane, Normanton, WF6 2DT

Registered charity number 1005973

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