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Pet Insurance

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Almost everything you need to know about pet care.

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Pet Insurance

Owning a pet is a big commitment in both time and money, but it doesn't end there. We do actually love and care for our pets, as if they were members of the family.

Did you know that in the UK you can get pet insurance from about 16p per day for your cat and about 27p a day for your dog?

And did you also know that just over half of pet owners have had to make unexpected visits to the vet in the last two years?

Pet insurance has been around now since the 1940's, making expensive treatment affordable for all pet owners. We all hope that our pets won't fall seriously ill or have a bad accident, but who can be sure? With one third of pet owners taking their pet to the vet at least once a year, the reality of the situation is that the chances are quite high that your pet may need treatment for an illness or injury at some point in their lives.

Many pet owners have seen bills of hundreds of pounds and some have paid thousands of pounds to get their pet treated. Unfortunately, without adequate insurance some pets do not get the treatment they need and may result in them having to be euthanised.

We know personally how expensive vets bills can be. Moving house may affect the cost of your cover. Please bear in mind that you must keep your insurer informed and up to date of any changes that may affect your policy as quickly as possible. If any change happens that may affect your policy, please let your insurer know immediately.

With any policy, always read the small print to ensure you are happy with the cover you are paying for.


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