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Rabbits - Care

Feed your rabbit on commercial rabbit food, rabbit (grass) pellets and good quality hay, which should form the basis of the diet. This can be supplemented with fresh fruits, root and green vegetables and fruit wood sticks your rabbit can chew on (to help keep the teeth worn down). Don't overfeed green leaf veggies like lettuce, cabbage or dandelion as this can cause urinary problems, (red water). Pellets should be offered at about of a cup per 2.5kg of body weight. You can, if you wish, give your rabbit access to fresh grass.

Be careful about overfeeding your rabbit, this is a common problem that can lead to health problems. Only give your pet rabbit clean fresh tap water to drink from a dripper type bottle.

Rabbits - Care from AmazonLong haired rabbits require daily grooming, by brushing, to remove excess dead hair and prevent matting. As your rabbit will groom its self by licking and scratching any loose hair may be ingested and form hairballs - rabbits cannot vomit so a hairball can cause serious intestinal blockages. You will probably have to trim your rabbit's claws to prevent your rabbit from delivering a deep scratch to you, your family or other pets. Avoid cutting into the quick, the pink area of the nail, as this is full of blood vessels. If you are unsure of the technique ask your vet to show you the correct way.


Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Information about the Act - How does the Act affect me?

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