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Rabbits - Hutches

Rabbit hutches are the usual type of housing for your pet rabbit. The rabbit hutch should be made of a strong wooden framework, covered in a draught proof cladding and divided into two compartments connected by an aperture just big enough for your rabbit to pass between the two sections. One compartment that takes up about one third of the floor space is a sleeping area, which is fully enclosed and has an access door for you to clean out. The other day time compartment should have wire mesh side(s) to give full daylight and ventilation but be fully protected from rain. The roof needs to be completely weatherproof, sloping and preferably hinged. This will give full access for cleaning and handling.

Your rabbit hutch should be positioned outside, in a sheltered location with good natural light. Protection from high temperatures is essential. In the depths of winter it may be advisable to move your hutch into the garage or shed or take action for winter proofing rabbit hutches. The solid floor areas need to be covered with absorbent material such as hay, wood shavings or shredded paper. Soiled bedding and other material should be changed daily. The rest of the hutch should be cleaned out weekly. Water bottles and food should be kept topped up regularly.

Hutch from Petplanet - just click on the image

Tudor hutch

This attractive Tudor-style rabbit hutch uses the apex style roof with overhang to ensure that the interior stays watertight and dry. Brass hinges and turn buttons create a good-looking finish. High-grade wood is used for stronger construction, and high quality wire is used with no jagged edges. Excellent quality ply is used for the hutch floor. The hutch comes flat-packed, though assembly is easy and only requires a screwdriver. Hutches are pre-stained and dipped in an attractive red cedar colour. 122x40.5x56cm high (48”x16”x22”high). Full height including legs is approximately 66cm (26”).


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Hutches from Petplanet - just click on the image

4' drop hutch

Pet House 4' Drop Hutch & Run
This two-storey unit combines hutch and run in one complete rabbit house.
4' log cabin

Pet House 4' Log Cabin Hutch
4’ hutch with log cabin effect – ideal for guinea pigs and smaller breeds of rabbit.

4' rabbit run

Pet House 4' Rabbit Run
Rabbit run with detachable lid, and sheltered area.

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