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Reptiles - Feeding

Snakes usually feed on rodents, and for you this means buying frozen mice or rats purchased from your local pet shop. We would not condone feeding live pet mice or rats to your snake although we are sure there are those of you out there who would eventually do anything for your pet! You can buy, humanely killed, frozen mice and rats in all sizes, from the newborn babies, called pinkies, to the adults from your local pet shop. All you have to do is thaw the rodents in warm water, blot off any moisture, and place them in the cage with the snake. Some snakes require the prey to be moving so you would have to hold the prey in long handled tongs and wave the prey in front of the hungry snake!

Lizard species can eat anything from small insects to large rodents depending on their natural prey. Some are vegetarians and others omnivorous.

Tortoises are vegetarians, and can be fed on chopped, fresh, leafy greens and vegetables and fruit. Not much danger there! Box turtles eat vegetables, fruit and earthworms.

Aquatic turtles will eat your aquarium plants, leafy greens, cat food, and fruit and if you can get them and bear to watch, small live fish and worms. The worms can be stored in a refrigerator or move them to their own hideaway filled with oat bran and rolled oats - at last there's a way to use up that oatmeal! - with a few slices of apple for moisture. You can buy earthworms in plastic tubs from fishing tackle shops and store them in a fridge.

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