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Twenga launches Pets universe

 Giving pet lovers one place to search for thousands of practical and unusual products at the best possible price

London 27 th April 2009 – To meet consumer demands and reflect our love of animals, Twenga, the most comprehensive shopping search engine, has just launched an entire universe dedicated to pets and all things pet related. Already featuring more than 270,000 offers, the pet universe covers everything imaginable for the UK’s beloved pets, from fish to horses and everything in-between.

Clothes for dogs among most popular products

 Of the 27 million pets in the UK, over a third of these are dogs (7.3 million. ) Britain is a nation of dog lovers and UK Internet shoppers are spending significant time searching for pooch related products.

Classic, essential accessories such as dog collars and dog guards are still top of dog owners’ wish lists, but practical is not necessarily boring. In March 2009 alone, over 3600 UK Internet users searched for ‘pink dog collars’, while 1600 were looking for ‘designer dog collars’. Bling is clearly still in, with over 1000 online shoppers searching for ‘diamante dog collars’ in the last month.

 “ has over 11,000 offers for dog clothing, so when it comes to dressing their four-legged friends, UK dog lovers are spoiled for choice!” reveals Thérèse Torris, VP of Content for Twenga.

Online retailers stock every kind of dog clothing imaginable: from dog bandanas to puppy pyjamas, as well as raincoats, boots, jewellery, dresses and even baseball caps.

“This winter, coats for dogs were highly sought-after. But with the warmer weather, it’s no surprise that fashion-conscious pet owners are searching for dog T-shirts and sunglasses,” explains Thérèse Torris


More than 4000 coats for dogs:,Dogs,Dog-coat

20 pairs of dog sunglasses:,Dogs,Dog-sunglasses

About Twenga

 Twenga, the new-generation search engine, enables millions of shoppers throughout the world to find what they want, at the best price, from the online shop of their choice.

Thanks to its home-grown technology, Twenga automatically gathers offerings from online retailers and displays them in one searchable interface. As a result, Twenga has the most comprehensive listing of online shops. Its search results are objective and not biased by commercial relationships.

Founded in 2006 by Bastien Duclaux and Cedric Anes, Twenga is headquartered in Paris, France; its 13 sites, including the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Russia, the United States and Australia display 110 million offerings from over 60,000 online shops. In January 2009, Twenga sites received over 21 million visits.

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