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Vet Help Direct has been helping owners to decide if their pet needs veterinary attention since May 2006. The site covers dogs, cats, rabbits, birds (including poultry and birds of prey), reptiles, horses and donkeys. Birds and reptiles are increasingly popular pets, their care can be very complex and signs of early problems are easy to miss.

Vet Help is free to use and is the only website of its kind for pets. As well as lots of care advice, owners of sick pets can answer a series of simple, step by step questions to be given a priority rating from " Self Care – treatment at home" to " Urgent – you need to contact your vet immediately" and first aid advice is given that is specific for the animal's condition. Google mapping and postcode proximity searching allows owners to find their nearest veterinary surgery, its opening hours and specialisations. The search by vet type facility allows owners to find their nearest vets that treat specific animal groups, such as reptiles or farm animals.


'Bucket', a 5 year old cat from Nottingham, was fortunate to live after his owner Sarah Rennoldson logged on to Vet Help when he displayed odd behaviour.  Acting on the advice displayed on the site her owner immediately contacted her local vet Jaqui Gilmour MRCVS at Bill Bowlers Vets and Bucket was diagnosed with a blocked bladder, a life threatening condition which was quickly treated with an operation. Jaqui said ' If Sarah hadn’t brought Bucket in so rapidly he could have gone into renal failure and could have developed metabolic disturbances. He would have been really, really sore, and left untreated a blocked bladder can cause death.'

All the advice on Vet Help Direct is written by vets, many of them experts in their field including European and RCVS avian specialist Neil Forbes FRCVS and Dr Karen Rickards, head vet at the donkey sanctuary. 



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